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Mirco Risi - President

Mirco Risi - President
Born in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna in 1958, after a long experience in the design of earth-moving machines, in 1991 he founded and became president of Simex srl. In Simex, he has developed and manufactured a vast range of equipment, patenting numerous innovative solutions in the field of hydraulic attachments for construction equipment. 

Enrico Prandini - councillor

Enrico Prandini - Vice-president
Native of Calabria but from an Emilian family, of technical education, takes his first steps in the earth-moving at Fiat. In the early 90s, joins Komatsu, taking part in the acquisition of Fai and holding several positions in the marketing, customers service and emerging markets. Since 2009 he has been CEO of Komatsu, in Este (near Padua), today Komatsu Italia Manufacturing. He has been President of Cece from 2018 to 2020. 

Paolo Salvadori - councillor

Paolo Salvadori - Vice-president
Born in Poggibonsi (Siena) in 1965, graduated in Economics. In 1995 he started working for Imer International and become CEO in 2015, after a period head of the company Le Officine Riunite Udine Spa, Concrete Machinery Division of Imer Group. He has held several offices for trade associations in Tuscany, is president of “Mechanics” group in Confindustria Udine and board member of Intermedia Holding.

Giorgio Cangini - consigliere

Giorgio Cangini - Councillor
Born in Cesena in 1962, managing director of Cangini Benne since 1989, when he founded the company. Thanks to its solid roots and strong innovative drive, Cangini Benne is one of the leading companies for attachments, quick couplings and buckets, designed in Italy, distributed all over the world. Commitment, passion and responsibility are the cornerstones of his experience in the trade associations.

Alessandro Ditillo - consigliere

Alessandro Ditillo - Councillor
Born in Swiss in 1969, graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Bologna university in 1995 and EMTIM postgraduated at Bologna Business School in 2011. After a period in the field of mechanical design, in 2008 organises the R&D in Soilmec. At present, he is product line manager for drilling machines of small and large diameter at Soilmec spa, a Trevi Group company.

Roberto Lorenzoni - consigliere

Roberto Lorenzoni - Councillor
Graduated in Economy and Commerce and MBA from Bologna University, he held several positions in Bitelli, until the acquisition by Caterpillar in 2000. In Cat he served as product manager for Europe, and in 2004 was appointed managing director of Caterpillar Hydraulics Italia. Since 2013, he is operations manager of the ACSD division for Europe and India, as well as country manager for Italy.

Enrico Santini - councillor

Enrico Santini - Councillor
Born in Modena in 1961, graduated in mechanical engineering at Bologna University in 1987 and entered Fiori shortly afterward as a technical planner. In 1990 he became technical director and later director of the production plants. In 1992 he took part in the foundation of Ajax Fiori in India. He took part in the foundation of Unacea, of which he has been the first President, from 2000 to 2004.

Antonio Strati - consigliere

Antonio Strati - Councillor
Born in Pisa in 1976, graduated in Chemical Engineer from Polytechnic University of Turin. He began his career in Cnh Ind in 2003, since 2004 in the earth moving segment. He held several positions, from product development to sales, until 2011 when he was appointed product marketing manager. Since 2018 he his manager for the Case CE Road Building line for Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Paolo Venturi - president

Paolo Venturi - Councillor
Born in 1971, he graduated in Law and obtained a PhD. At present, he is vice president of Ihimer spa, president of the board of directors at Imer Usa ltd and member of the board of Imer international and Imer-L&T (Turkey). Besides the business roles he has held several offices for the Italian trade confederation (Confindustria). In 2010 he was among the founders of Unacea.

Michele Vitulano - councillor

Michele Vitulano - Councillor
Born in 1968, specialised in business administration at Spegea and completed his professional training at Indeco, the family firm of which he is a shareholder, where he started as CEO's  and marketing manager's assistant. Today he is sales and marketing manager and president of the board of directors of Indeco North America. A passionate yachtsman, he is also a gifted singer and performer.


The staff

Luca Nutarelli – secretary general

Luca Nutarelli – secretary general
Born in 1966, journalist, master's degree first in Philosophy and then in Sociology. He worked as communication manager and secretary of the group of earthmoving equipment manufacturers. Since 2010 he is secretary general of Unacea and member of the Executive Committee of Cece.

Corrado Serrentino – communication manager

Corrado Serrentino – communication manager
Born in Sicily in 1986, he graduated in communication and institutional relations at Luiss-Guido Carli University and, in 2012, he obtained a master’s degree in international relations. After a semester of research at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and a period of time in the UK, he entered in Unacea where is manager of communication and public and institutional relations.

Michela Magnanimo – technical department

Michela Magnanimo – technical department
Born in 1988, she graduated in 2015 in Nuclear Engineering at La Sapienza University in Rome defending an experimental Thesis on Neutronic. After a period as technical consultant at Accenture, in 2016 arrives at Imamoter (CNR) as researcher on construction equipment and oil-hydraulic. Since 2017, is in charge of the Unacea technical department.