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One of the keystones of Unacea's mission is to support the internationalization of businesses in the sector, particularly focusing on the network of SMEs characterizing the construction machinery and equipment field in Italy.

Unacea cooperates in the organisation of collective participations in key trade fair events in this sector around the world. This allows companies to exhibit their products in a coordinated, highly visible manner, enhancing the individuality of the brands while underlining the sense of belonging to the world of Made in Italy. The organisation of collective areas also allows us to negotiate favourable conditions with the trade fair organisers, and above all key positions in the exhibition halls.

The companies choosing to participate in the Unacea collective areas have access not only to the stands and set-ups but also to a series of services made available before, during and after the event. These include the assistance of the association staff at the trade fair, promotion of the collective participation on the social networks and the support of the press office.

Finally, since 2014 many of Unacea's internationalisation initiatives have been included in the ICE promotional programme.